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The Fusion Collection Theater Seating™ has been designed and manufactured based on years of experience and customer's feedback. Comfort, style and features were carefully considered in order to satisfy anyone looking for great and affordable Home Theater recliners.

The Encore-1010 is a very comfortable and stylish recliner that is offer with the manual recline in very durable Leather Gel.

The Lagoon-1011 narrow footprint and wallaway design makes these chairs perfect for smaller rooms.

The Jive-1013 has the narrowest footprint and wallaway design and makes these chairs perfect for smaller rooms. Attractive features like storage compartments, new aluminum swivel trays and removable stainless still cup holder inserts make this group a great value for any consumer.

The Tribute-1015 is a beautiful, stylish and very comfortable contemporary recliner with a lot of features and an affordable price. It will satisfy the most discerning consumer..

The Streamline-1017 is a very attractive, and extremely comfortable contemporary recliner with a lot of features including motorized lumbar adjustments allowing you to customize your lower back support.

The Escape-1019 is the top of the line group that while still maintaining an affordable price point can be easily considered the ultimate recliner for the Home Theater application.

Available for shipping/pickup from our warehouse in Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Email or call us at (732) 617-2348 for pricing and availability.

Encore - 1010

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Lagoon - 1011

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Jive - 1013

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Tribute - 1015

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Streamline - 1017

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Escape - 1019

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Escape - 1019 Evolution

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Universal Console - 4002

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Fusion Collection Accessories / Options

Tilting Aluminum Tray

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Modular removable armrest

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Tablet Holder

More about Tablet Holder

Wine Glass Holder

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Flexible LED Light

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Extended Warranty / Protection Plan

With Fusion Collection Theater Seating™ choose any number of theater seats per row. Available in various straight, curved and loveseats row configurations.

Our Buttkicker option offers a lifelike theater experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. The result is astonishing effect that pulls you into the on-screen action like never before.

The Fusion Collection Theater Seating™ can be shipped with standard Curb Side or optional White Glove delivery.


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